OLRP Expert Series:

Advanced Welding Capabilities in OCTOPUZ


Create spot and tack welds, plus perform edge searches for YASKAWA robots. OCTOPUZ is your best-in-class welding OLRP experience.

Spot and Tack Welding:
 fully integrated into our Create Path tool, you can now easily generate paths for robots performing spot or tack welds, with full post capabilities for supported robot brands.

Simulate your programmed spot and tack welds on playback, including arc on, and for spot welds, see your spot weld gun clamp on the part.

Edge Searching: added as a new option to our Create Manual Search tool, an edge search is a unique searching motion for YASKAWA robots that detects a surface and then follows it to an edge, useful for detecting butt welds, low walls, and other hard-to-find-surfaces.

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