What is Offline Robot Programming (OLRP)?

What is OLRP?

Offline Robot Programming (OLRP) is making the integration of robot systems in manufacturing more cost effective, easy to deploy, and scalable. By programming industrial robot functions in a virtual environment, manufacturers can greatly reduce robot downtime and increase productivity and profitability.

Even before an investment is made, OLRP can be used as proof of concept and proof of process by enabling a real-world manufacturing cell to be replicated or a custom cell to be created in the software platform and complex robot applications to be programmed within the virtual cell. For manufacturers with low volume requirements, OLRP enables the robotization of short production runs through quick and easy reprogramming.

OLRP is an ideal way to program complex applications because the software automates many of the time-consuming manual processes employed by the teach pendant method, producing accurate, error-free paths quickly. Robot-specific code is then outputted and integrated into the robot, making the transition to a new task less disruptive.

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