General Industry: OLRP Insights

Episode One: Accumetal

Accumetal Manufacturing:
How OLRP Evolved Their Business

In episode one of General Industry: OLRP Insights, Jon House hosts a discussion with Aaron DeJong of Accumetal Manufacturing Inc. Accumetal is a high mix, fabrication, and welded components manufacturer. They manufacture a large number of structural components for the off-road mining industry. After many years of manual welding and manual programming, the volume of work increased and triggered the need to look at more automation.

Join Jon as he sits down with Aaron DeJong to understand Accumetal’s journey with Offline Robot Programming. Jon will unpack:

  • What problem(s) were you trying to fix with Offline Robot Programming?
  • What was it like to implement your first programmed cell?
  • What results have you seen since employing Offline Robot Programming?
  • Would you ever revert to the teach pendant method?
  • What advice do you give to manufacturers considering Offline Robot Programming?
  • And more!

This conversation, you will not want to miss. Download the webinar today!

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