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Offline Robot Programming Software for Welding Applications | OLRP Weld Industry

It’s becoming more common for welding robots to perform set tasks for only a short time before needing to be reprogrammed, particularly in SME environments. Traditional methods of reprogramming robot welding tasks require the robots to be taken out of production for long periods, greatly affecting productivity and the bottom line.


OCTOPUZ Welding Features:

  1. Implement a variety of welding strategies such as multi-layer, stitch, weave, seam tracking, touch sensing, and more
  2. Utilize multiple touches per path or global touch correction (6-dimensional)
  3. Fully simulate touch-sensing, multi-layer, stitch, and weave
  4. Parametric and reusable weld creation
  5. Simultaneously calculate up to three external linear axes
Offline Robot Programming Software for Welding Applications | OLRP Weld Industry
Offline Robot Programming Software for Welding Applications | OLRP Weld Industry

Why Program your Robot with OCTOPUZ?

OCTOPUZ is an intelligent offline robot programming software that enables path-sensitive, complex robot applications to be programmed without disruption to your manufacturing process, and without the need for an onsite robot programming expert.  

OCTOPUZ has the ability to program multiple robot brands, configurations, and applications together in a virtual, offline environment and output code for use in a real-world cell application.

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Single Platform for All Robot Brands

OZ Benefit ICONS Value Props icon OZ benefit reduce production downtime blue

Reduce Production Downtime

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Automatically Detect and Avoid Errors

"OCTOPUZ has the ability to make offline robot programming easy and accessible for people with basic programming knowledge."

- Alexandre Simoneau, LG Cloutier Inc.

OCTOPUZ in Real Life

Our Applications Engineering team completed an onsite implementation of OCTOPUZ OLRP software for a Fanuc weld cell at Ateliers BG in Quebec, Canada. After the implementation, this 10 axis cell is now accurately calibrated in OCTOPUZ and ready to be easily programmed offline for increased efficiencies. Production ready!

Cell details:
- Robot arm: Fanuc M-20iA/12L
- Externals: 2 axis linear track and 2 HS/TS positioners
- Application: Arc welding
- Options used: Laser searching, weave, stitch, multi-layer
- Programming: OCTOPUZ Offline Programming 

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Offline Robot Programming (OLRP) is making the integration of robot systems in manufacturing more cost-effective, easy to deploy, and scalable. By programming industrial robot functions in a virtual environment, manufacturers can greatly reduce robot downtime and increase productivity and profitability. We have curated welding content to help you better understand the capabilities of OCTOPUZ and how OLRP can make a difference in the way you program. Watch our welding video series to see how it works from end to end. 

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"Without Offline Programming, I would say, depending on the part, you are talking anything from a full-day to two full-days, depending on complexity. With OCTOPUZ, I would say that we are down to half a day to a day for an acceptable first off, and then from there, it's fine-tuning it. I would say we have essentially cut the initial programming time in half."

- Aaron DeJong, Accumetal Manufacturing Inc.

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