Product Update

July 2022 release

James Schnarr, Senior Product Manager
July 20 2022

The July 2022 release of our next generation OCTOPUZ software is now available. This is by far the biggest and most substantial update we've made since the introduction of our next generation software late last year, and something we've been working on for many months now.

Our primary focuses continue to be making robot programming with OCTOPUZ easier and more efficient, and increasing the types of robot systems and applications we support. This update represents a big step forward on our journey, which we will continue to build upon with more updates coming later this year.

Optimize your robot programs' cycle time

To kick off, we've added an entirely new process stage to your OCTOPUZ workflow called "Optimize". Once you've completed programming your task, you can now enter the Optimize process stage to view statistics of your programs. These statistics include the quantity of different statement types, the total active time (when your robot is performing its task, like welding arc on time) vs. passive time (when your robot is moving around), and your overall operating efficiency. 

Then, you can instantly optimize your program according to a desired objective, such as minimizing total cycle time or minimizing total robot travel distance, via automatic sequencing of program statement order.

Program your multi-robot system

Jobs expected of robots are increasingly becoming more and more complex, and as a result, environments designed to complete these tasks are becoming more complex.

Which this in mind, we've made significant improvements to our support for complex multi-robot system environments. Now, a single controller can have multiple robots and external positioners all working together as you would expect on a pendant. For example, two or more robots can execute programs in parallel, and can sync with each other at different points throughout a program.

Import statements from a CAM software

Working with an external CAM software to create complex toolpaths for your cutting, machining, or additive application? You can now import your toolpaths created in a CAM software directly into OCTOPUZ.

Once imported, you can modify, verify, and simulate your paths to ensure program accuracy, and then create your production-ready robot code.

Quickly create paths with automated edge chaining

We've made creating paths easier than ever. With our Edges selection method, you can now select your path edges more reliably by clicking in the 3D world. In addition, we've added brand new tools to chain your path together automatically.

Build your next cell using our online library of components

Earlier this year, we added the ability for users to create their own robot cell templates from scratch. Now, our new online library of components containing robots and positioners from a variety of brands is ready and available for your next robot cell build. Select your components from our online library, complete your cell build, and start programming.

Other exciting improvements
  • Undo and redo actions are now supported for many operations on the Build and Optimize tabs.
  • A new “Present” mode provides a focused, fullscreen view of the 3D world for simulation playback. When using Present, you can capture images of the 3D world.
  • Moving forward, future OCTOPUZ updates will be received and applied directly in the software. We will let you know when new updates are available.
  • A new option called “Program Focus” will make only the mechanisms, statements, and frames which are part of the currently selected program visible.
  • You can now toggle on/off text for different elements, like statements and frames, in the 3D world.
  • In the 3D world, there are new navigation buttons to snap your view in different directions around the cell, as well as an interactive triad which will snap your view to look in the selected direction.
  • A new option called “Decimal Places” allows you to define the number of decimal places to show for position and rotation coordinates and for robot joint values.
  • You can now customize your 3D world in many ways, including changing colours and controls.
  • Plenty of other performance and UI/UX improvements, plus a number of bug fixes.

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This update is available to download on the OCTOPUZ Academy for users of the next generation of OCTOPUZ that have an active OCTOPUZ software plan.

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