Product Update

March 2022 release

James Schnarr, Senior Product Manager
March 28 2022

Today brings the March 2022 release of our next generation OCTOPUZ software, with a ton of awesome changes.

In this update, among other things we are introducing "beta features", which are new things available for early access that are still being developed and improved (which means they may have bugs, performance issues, or other quirks). While we already have improvements planned for these features for a future release, we would love to hear your feedback now so we can make them even better! Fill out our Product Feedback form to let our Product Team know how we can make your OLRP experience better.

Create your own cell templates (Beta)

Design, build, and modify your own robot cell environments. Starting with a blank 3D world, you can now create a controller containing your robots and positioners.

In addition, you can now add and remove components from your cell template, as well as position the components within your cell template.

Detect robot collisions 

A new interface lets you instantly know if collisions occur between components in your cell as you simulate your program.

Additionally, collision groups can be configured to designate which components are checked for collisions against each other.

Create geometry (Beta)

Sometimes, you want simple geometric shapes in your 3D world. Now you can create cubes, spheres, and cylinders directly in OCTOPUZ, in any size and colour.

Copy and paste program statements

Easily duplicate statements within your program or between programs, with simple copy and paste tools.

Create camera views

Create different camera viewpoints in your 3D world. Quickly switch between your cameras to view your cell and simulation from any angle.

French and German language support

Soyez prêt ! Sich fertig machen ! OCTOPUZ can now be used in French and German.

Other exciting improvements
  • When rotating an component in the 3D world, it will snap in position around 90°, 180°, 270°, and 360°.
  • The “Center” selection filter can now pick the center of holes on geometry.
  • In Align Components, there are improved pick visualizations when using the Midpoint and Arc Center options.
  • When creating a new program, mechanism groups selected in the panel will now be highlighted in the 3D world.
  • Plenty of performance and UI/UX improvements.
  • A few bug fixes.

This update is available to download on the OCTOPUZ Academy for users of the next generation of OCTOPUZ that have an active OCTOPUZ software plan.

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