Product Update

March 2024 release

James Schnarr, Senior Product Manager
March 13 2024

The March 2024 release of our next generation OCTOPUZ software is now available! This update brings new features that makes OCTOPUZ software even better for programming robots offline.

Save assist and version history

A new feature called “Save Assist” helps with project file saving on a set interval with either save reminders, save prompts, or fully automatic saving.

In addition, create an accessible “Version History” of your project with backups taken each time you save your project.

These new features can be enabled in Settings.

Multi-robot coordinated welding on a single part positioner (for ABB and Yaskawa)

Multi-robot support gets even better with the ability to program multiple robots in parallel using a single part positioner and coordinated motion.

Currently this works with both ABB MultiMove and Yaskawa Twin Synchronous System. Additional brands, such as Fanuc, will be supported in future releases as we continue to build on this.

Automatically generate welds from a TEKLA file

Take an IFC file containing parts and welds created in Tekla and import it into OCTOPUZ to automatically generate fully modifiable welds.

Note this feature is currently accessible only to specified users. If you use TEKLA in your workflow and want to give it a try, please contact Customer Success.

Halt statements

A Halt statement will stop the simulation when reached until simulation is resumed, and will also stop the real robot system until it is resumed on the pendant (often called a Pause or Stop command depending on the robot brand).

More improvements
  • When modifying a mechanism, there is a new “Basic” option which only shows simple joint-related settings to change.
  • CAD containing "Wire" geometry will now render in the 3D world and can be used in selection.
  • It is now possible to use the Center selection filter on cubes and cylinders created as Geometry.
  • When creating Robot Code, there are improvements to the “Open Code in App” feature (previously called “Open Code File”). It is now possible to select an application to open robot code.
  • There are now several sort options available in the Cell Template library and the Mechanisms/Tools libraries.
  • There is a new right click option for statements in a program called “Select Type”. When clicked, all statements with the same type (e.g. Path, Joint Move, etc.) in the active program will be selected.
  • Plenty of other performance and UI/UX improvements, plus a number of bug fixes. 

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This update is now available to download directly in OCTOPUZ for users of the next generation of OCTOPUZ that have an active OCTOPUZ software plan. Full release notes are also available on the OCTOPUZ Academy.

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