OLRP Expert Series

How is Software Making Automation
More Accessible and Successful?

Lindsay Snider, Marketing Manager

In the third installment of this series, we ask Kel Guerin and Rob House their thoughts on how software is making automation more accessible and successful for manufacturers. Throughout this series, we have established there are major benefits to automating. Software technology is rapidly expanding in the space, making automation more effective and easier for manufacturers to use.

Robots can be complex and difficult to use without hiring a trained expert to ensure they are being used effectively, which can be very time-consuming and costly to the manufacturer. This is where software solutions can help. The best technology to implement is brand agnostic as manufacturers and fabrication companies can utilize single platforms to program all their robots in one unified method.

Without brand-agnostic tools in place, companies that have more than one robot brand throughout their facilities will need to make certain their employees have the most up-to-date training on the multiple teach pendants and software solutions they will interact with. This can be very costly for companies to upkeep and retrain as employee turnover and internal changes will occur. With the use of brand-agnostic solutions, these companies can now have the flexibility to train all their employees on one solution. Employees now have the flexibility to move from job to job within a facility or facility to facility seamlessly without requiring any additional training.

Those implementing software into their facilities are also seeing a steady increase in the overall productivity of the robots. It goes without saying that if a robot is not moving or running its program, it is ultimately not going to be making the company money. This is robot downtime. Which is costly to the organization, and many think it is a necessary evil with robotics. However, there is a way around this, its automation. Utilizing software like Offline Robot Programming solutions, you have enabled your robot programmers to program the next two, three, four jobs ahead of time in an offline environment. This allows you to have little to no robot downtime between projects, thus making your facilities more efficient.

Offline Robot Programming providers like OCTOPUZ have the ability to program multiple robot brands, configurations, and applications together in a virtual, offline environment and output code for use in a real-world cell application. Thinking automation is the right move for you? Reach out to one of our experts today! Still not convinced stay tuned for our last blog from this series. What are your recommendations for companies bringing automation software into their facilities? See what Rob and Kel have to say.

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