Product Update

March 2023 release

James Schnarr, Senior Product Manager
March 21 2023

The March 2023 release of our next generation OCTOPUZ software is now available! This update brings a few new things and many improvements to existing features in OCTOPUZ, based on much of the great feedback we've received from our users so far.

Automatically create multiple welding paths

In our previous release, we introduced for the first time automated tools which assist with path generation for cutting applications. We're are building on this here by expanding these tools to be ideal for welding applications. In just a few clicks, you can now automatically detect and create multiple welding paths on a part.

In addition, we've added an alternate automatic programming flow via import of file containing weld or path position data, and we are now actively working on the types of files we support for import. If you typically program your welds in another software or they are contained with your part file, please get in touch with our Support team and share a sample file with us.

Improved experience when aligning components

Several improvements to our Align Components tool make aligning even easier. This includes new preview and assist visualization options which can help with aligning parts into complex locations.

In addition, we're introducing a new “Constraints” alignment method, which allows you to define multiple axis constraints between your source component and your target component.

More improvements
  • The experience for connecting searches to paths has been improved. Now, paths in the program editor have a button to open the Connect Searches UI instantly as an interactive flyout. In addition, path and search connections are visually represented with a link icon in the program editor. This makes it easier to quickly see search and path connections.
  • When creating or modifying a controller, it is now possible to rename and reorder mechanism groups, giving full control over how controller groups are structured in the cell.
  • Selection picker filter options are now globally available in the 3D world toolbar. These options are used for all operations using selection pick filters, and multiple filters can now be enabled.
  • OCTOPUZ now supports the Hexagon .APT import/export format, giving it connections to softwares in the Hexagon portfolio like Simufact Welding and ESPRITCAM.
  • In the component library, you can now bookmark components. In addition, you can filter by downloaded/local components, by selected controller brand, and by component type.
  • When creating a path using the Edges method, there is a new setting to automatically trim the path if the algorithm detects the path has hit a wall.
  • In the mechanism panel, mechanism joints in singularity are now visualized on a per joint basis.
  • The UI for saving and deleting templates has been improved.
  • On the Code tab, it is now possible to switch between controllers if multiple exist in the project.
  • Plenty of other performance and UI/UX improvements, plus a number of bug fixes.

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This update is now available to download in OCTOPUZ, for users of the next generation of OCTOPUZ that have an active OCTOPUZ software plan.

Full release notes are available on our Support page.

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