General Industry: OLRP Insights

Episode Four: READY Robotics

READY Robotics: Unlocking ROI with New Robot Programming Tools

In episode four of General Industry: OLRP Insights, we sit down with READY Robotics. It is no secret that manufacturers only make money when their robots are in production. Things like robot downtime and complex robot programming languages that vary widely from brand to brand are common obstacles that prevent manufacturers from automating or raise the costs associated with deploying automation.

The time it takes to reprogram, train staff on the new project/robot could be days, up to weeks. But, new software tools are changing the game! Offline robot programming, cross-brand programming, and No Code programming enable manufacturers to keep robots in production while programming, reduce programming time and cost, deploy and manage automation with their existing teams, and rapidly achieve ROI on automation projects.

OCTOPUZ and READY have teamed up to have an insightful discussion around how manufacturers can unlock ROI utilizing robotic software.

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