Product Update

July 2023 release

James Schnarr, Senior Product Manager
July 20 2023

We are thrilled to announce the July 2023 release of our next generation OCTOPUZ software. This new release is specifically designed to provide powerful tools for integrators and partners who need to implement and calibrate their own cells in OCTOPUZ. And as always, we've also addressed a bunch of key feedback we've received.

Create and modify robots and positioners

Robots and positioners can now be created and modified directly in OCTOPUZ. Use CAD to model a new kinematic mechanism from scratch, or modify any property of an existing mechanism from the OCTOPUZ Online Library.

Create and modify tools and online tools library

End of arm tools and spindles can now be created and modified using CAD, directly in OCTOPUZ. In addition, tools can now be added to robots directly from the OCTOPUZ Online Library.

Trace a robot’s path in the 3D world

Visualize the simulated movement of your robot’s tool path as it moves in the 3D world. Three different customizable trace options provide a ton of flexibility in visualizing how your robot executes its simulated tasks.

Simulation recorder

Record videos of your robot simulations and of the 3D world. A perfect tool to quickly capture and share concepts, programs, and simulations from OCTOPUZ.

Undo and redo support

Undo and redo common operations in OCTOPUZ. Accidentally deleted a component from your 3D world? Don't worry! A simple undo and it's back where it should be.

Transfer full programs between robot cells

Do you have multiple production robot cells and you're not sure which will be used to run a part in production? Now it's easy to move entire programs created on a robot cell in OCTOPUZ to any other robot cell.

Simple pick and place application support

Create and simulate basic pick and place applications using a new “Attach To” statement.

View and organize all of your robot programs

A new program overview panel displays all robot programs in your project file. From this overview, programs can easily be reordered and organized.

Enable and disable statements

Program statements can now be enabled and disabled. When disabled, the statement will not appear in the 3D world and will not be simulated or included in created code.

Automatically calibrate component and external positions

Using imported data from the robot system, components and positioners in the 3D world can now be quickly calibrated to the matching location in the real world.

More improvements
  • When creating geometry (cube, cylinder, sphere), a preview of the geometry is now shown in the 3D world.
  • Base and tool frames can now be modified when programs exist on the controller.
  • It is now possible to clone a static component, which creates a direct copy in the 3D world.
  • On the Build tab, “Tags” can now be created. Tags are customizable text labels and can be positioned anywhere in the 3D world.
  • The Components list has been improved. It is now possible to select multiple components at once, to reorder components, and to move multiple components at once.
  • It is now possible to have multiple “cell configurations” in a single file. Cell configurations allow defining multiple sets of positions for components in the cell, which is beneficial for multi-robot cells.
  • There is a new panel to modify robot frames. In this panel, individual base and tool frames can now be reordered (changing their index) and disabled, which means they aren’t selectable in other parts of the UI.
  • On the Code tab, there is a new option “Open Code File”. If checked, created code will automatically open in the file type’s default Windows app.
  • When creating a manual search, there is a new option for Target Path. When a target path is selected, that path is visible in the 3D world and will be automatically linked to the created manual search.
  • When creating a path using multilayer/multipass, it is now possible to have up to 15 layers and 120 passes.
  • Plenty of other performance and UI/UX improvements, plus a number of bug fixes.

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This update is now available to download directly in OCTOPUZ for users of the next generation of OCTOPUZ that have an active OCTOPUZ software plan. Full release notes are also available on the OCTOPUZ Academy.

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