How Can Manufacturers Benefit from Automating?

Lindsay Snider, Marketing Manager

We are continuing the conversation with Kel Guerin, Co-Founder & CIO of READY Robotics, Rob House, Director, Product Management of OCTOPUZ. This month we are digging into what benefits manufacturers see when they bring automation into their factory floors. Kel and Rob share some great insights for anyone considering automation.

There are benefits that are commonly linked with robotics, including; higher production rates, increased productivity, more efficient use of materials, improved safety, shorter workweeks, etc. However, we wanted to discuss the areas that we see provide exponential benefits to those looking at automating.   

Better Product Quality

Robots are incredibly repeatable machines. Once a proper path is programmed and uploaded to the robot, the quality of the parts being output will be as consistent as possible. This is true no matter what application you are utilizing your robot for. It will help minimize or in some cases, totally eliminate the human error element that is seen in the quality control processes set up in factories.

Industry Prestige

A benefit often not talked about is what we would call industry prestige. That is the practice of utilizing robots in your production processes as a benefit and a competitive advantage. For example, one area of the industry using robotic automation for this benefit is fabrication shops. They are often bidding against other fabrication shops for projects to bring in for production. A bid has to consider things like cost, production, output, quality, and many other items. Fabrication shops that can successfully use robotic automation will be able to consistently show their customers the desired quality and production results which will ultimately lead to a better reputation and more business for that company in the future.

Production Efficiencies

Production bottlenecks are a huge pain point for many in the industry. The pandemic has shown a lot of cracks within the foundation of the industry. With production lines skyrocketing over the last two years, manufacturers are left with bottlenecks in their production line due to the labour shortages happening across the board. Tasked with eliminating the backlog, one of the solutions was to bring in robotic automation. With the robot in place, you are able to rectify the backlog and get production running smoothly in days (depending on your facility setup). We believe that is one of the real benefits of automation is a job creator. Automation allows the business to grow, reduce production bottlenecks, and expand and hire more people.

Thinking automation is the right move for you? Reach out to one of our experts today! Still not convinced, stay tuned for next month’s topic on how software is making automation more accessible?

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