OCTOPUZ uses RTCP to sharpen lawnmower blades

January 21, 2020

OCTOPUZ Sharpens Lawnmower Blades using a Yaskawa GP7 Robot and a Zimmer 2-Jaw Parallel Gripper

Happy New Year! To kick things off in 2020, we wanted to share an application we completed using OCTOPUZ 2.3. We performed an RTCP blade grinding application in one of our OCTOPUZ robot cells, using a Yaskawa Motoman GP7 robot and an attached Zimmer Group IO-Link GEP5000 2-Jaw Parallel Gripper.   

A Remote Tool Center Point, or RTCP, refers to when your tooling is stationary - as opposed to on the end of the robot arm - and the robot moves around the tooling.   

OCTOPUZ was used to program the robot’s toolpaths. OCTOPUZ PathFinder© ensured that all paths were analyzed and free of errors. Not only did the robot use its precise motion to accurately grind the blades, it also safely activated the grinder and turned it off once complete! 

Check out the 2-minute video below!

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