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OCTOPUZ 2.0 is Here!

March 5, 2018

Waterloo, ON, March 5 - OCTOPUZ 2.0, the latest version of OCTOPUZ’ robotic programming and simulation software has been released!

Ideal for any sized company, OCTOPUZ 2.0, offers the ability to simulate then offline program and generate code for multiple robots, simultaneously, working with most robot brands in any configuration.

Our team has worked very hard to add a number of new and exciting features to the latest release such as a new interface and visuals that is more intuitive and modernized for its users. The ease with which windows can be moved and docked has been simplified. The new release also includes quick access menus for viewing, simulation, and manipulation as well as gives users the ability to quickly switch between views.

Edge Following enhancements mean that instead of having to use CAM Software for simple paths, users can now directly create a path statement using OCTOPUZ 2.0. Now users can generate tool paths using the edges available on a component all within OCTOPUZ.

For welding applications OCTOPUZ 2.0 enhancements save cycle time by grouping all searches together. Prior to OCTOPUZ 2.0 users would have to run multiple torch clean routines and reference one-touch routine for each weld routine. Using Weld Sense you are able to touch sense the entire weld part before starting the routine saving users valuable time.

OCTOPUZ 2.0 is now available to customers all over the world. Watch the What’s New Video, visit our website, or request a free demo to acquire more information on the OCTOPUZ 2.0. Contact us to learn how OCTOPUZ can help you!

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