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Offline Robot Programming Delivers an Exact Virtual
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Offline Robot Programming Software Simulation for Proof of Concept | OLRP for Industrial applications

Tedious manual material handling tasks are being replaced by automated robotic systems thanks to the ability of robot arms to efficiently and accurately move and hold materials. However, adding industrial robots to the manufacturing process is a significant investment, with many variables to consider. Businesses often hesitate to add robots to their production process because of perceived risks.

OCTOPUZ Simulation Features:

  • Replicate and test complex mechanical systems
  • Optimize part-handling operations
  • Visualize the shop floor process from start to finish
  • Complete proof-of-concept on new factory floor designs prior to commitment
  • Analyze component usage to easily find bottlenecks
  • Set up I/O communication between components
  • De-risk production prototyping
  • Create ultra-realistic simulation videos to aid in decision-making processes
Offline Robot Programming Software Simulation for Proof of Concept | OLRP for Industrial applications
Offline Robot Programming Software Simulation for Proof of Concept | OLRP for Industrial applications

Why Program your Robot with OCTOPUZ?

OCTOPUZ is an intelligent offline robot programming software that enables path-sensitive, complex robot applications to be programmed without disruption to your manufacturing process, and without the need for an onsite robot programming expert.   

OCTOPUZ has the ability to program multiple robot brands, configurations, and applications together in a virtual, offline environment and output code for use in a real-world cell application. 

OZ Benefit ICONS Value Props icon OZ benefit simplify toolpath blue

Simplify Tool Path Programming

icon product eliminate errors

Automatically Detect and Avoid Errors

icon product program multiple

Validate Robotic Process Through Simulation

"OCTOPUZ has the ability to make offline robot programming easy and accessible for people with basic programming knowledge."

- Alexandre Simoneau, LG Cloutier Inc.

OCTOPUZ in Real Life

Mancor has been a great long-term customer using OCTOPUZ OLRP software to program multiple robotic weld cells across multiple facilities in North America. The video you see below is a recent implementation of a new polishing application. Love seeing this in action for production. 

Cell details: 

  • Robot arm: KUKA KR 210 R2700 
  • EOAT: PushCorp - STC0612BT40 with an AFD1240 Active compliance device. 
  • Externals: 1-axis rotary positioner 
  • Application: Robotic polishing 
  • Programming: OCTOPUZ Offline Programming 

OCTOPUZ Simulations Resources Just for You

OCTOPUZ enables manufacturers and integrators to create their exact real-world cell in a virtual environment, complete with machinery and manufacturing components, and simulate all robot functions together onscreen. We have curated simulation content to help you better understand the capabilities of OCTOPUZ and how OLRP can make a difference in the way you program.  

RobotWorx: Automation for the General Industry

In episode two of General Industry: OLRP Insights, Jon House sits down with Tom Fischer, Operations Manager at RobotWorx. RobotWorx focuses on providing quality industrial robotic solutions and customized integration worldwide. Earlier this year OCTOPUZ, partnered with RobotWorx to provide Offline Robot Programming as part of their service offering.

You will learn about what is the perception of the General Industry today, versus, say 10 years ago, what is the #1 misconception companies have when looking at bringing on their first-ever robot cell, and more!

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"Without Offline Programming, I would say, depending on the part, you are talking anything from a full-day to two full-days, depending on complexity. With OCTOPUZ, I would say that we are down to half a day to a day for an acceptable first off, and then from there, it's fine-tuning it. I would say we have essentially cut the initial programming time in half."

- Aaron DeJong, Accumetal Manufacturing Inc.

OCTOPUZ is Utilized by Our Customers World Wide

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