Robot programming made simple with KUKA & OCTOPUZ

In this short webinar, you’ll learn how KUKA and OCTOPUZ are preparing for FABTECH 2019, by working together to make complex robot programming simple. See how OCTOPUZ was used to program both weld, weave, and touch sensing paths on both a KUKA Kore Cart cell and a KUKA rotary cell which you can for yourself at the show.

The purpose of an offline robotic programming software like OCTOPUZ is to enable industrial robotic applications to be programmed away from the production line, in a virtual environment. By programming your robot operations in a virtual world, you don’t need to take your robots out of production, which means your robots are still on the line and working for you, maximizing their return on investment. 

For KUKA, Offline Robot Programming enables a cell to be commissioned offline before it’s been built. Once the real-life cell is ready, the pre-built program can be loaded and, after minor touch-ups, immediately begin running. This significantly reduces troubleshooting and programming costs.

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