OCTOPUZ Programs a KUKA Robot to Deburr a Hockey Helmet

Although the OCTOPUZ offline programming and simulation platform is employed around the world, it is, very proudly, a Canadian company. When the sales, product and marketing team were working to determine an ideal part to take to the Automate show, a variety of parts surfaced, but, there was one in particular the team was overly excited about: a Hockey helmet. It highlights our ability to get into tight spaces, avoiding collisions, singularities, joint limits, while also showing our Canadian pride.

Once we sourced a hockey helmet, we needed a way to import the geometry into OCTOPUZ to start programming. There was no geometry file to go along with the helmet, therefore step one was finding a way to generate the CAD from the part.

We contacted our friends at In-House Solutions, a re-seller of Mastercam and a distributor of Hexagon. By employing a 7 axis Romer arm we were able to scan the helmet and generate geometry that was then imported into Mastercam to generate the toolpaths.

The machine coded toolpaths were then imported into OCTOPUZ to convert the toolpaths to 6 axis robot code. Within OCTOPUZ we leveraged the PathFinder suite of tools to analyze and solve any errors within the toolpath. Once the toolpath was 100% solved, we then posted the KUKA code and loaded it onto the robot!

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