OCTOPUZ Interviews Navus Automation at FABTECH 2018

Justin Glover, one of our Territory Account Managers, interviews Buck Barber from Navus Automation at FABTECH 2018. This interview goes over what makes Navus special and what makes them different from other integrators at FABTECH. 

The Navus cell at the PushCorp booth showed off the laser smart tack, a one-dimensional laser from ABB, equipped with PushCorp’s EOA tooling and an ATI tool changer.  This cell really showcased how much you can do with a single robot.

Why partner with OCTOPUZ?

According to Buck, one of the biggest problems in the industry is to be able to generate proposals and get concepts into the hands of the customer.
Through OCTOPUZ, Navus is able to take a very mature concept and create a very slick simulation, 3D model or layout drawing to send to their customers. Not only are customers able to see a proof of concept quickly and easily but the team at Navus can also mitigate singularity and joint limitation risk from the front end. By running the program through the simulation they can ensure that it will work the way they are anticipating it will.

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