May 2020 Product Update

Next Generation Programming Experience

James Schnarr, Product Manager
May 5, 2020

In a new update available now, we have introduced a couple great features and a bunch of other enhancements to OCTOPUZ!

We are excited to announce that OCTOPUZ 3.0 is coming soon! OCTOPUZ 3.0 introduces the entirely new PathPlanner suite of tools for programming path and search statements, along with a new feature-rich experience and a redesigned statement Point Editor. This is a game-changer for Offline Robot Programming.

PathPlanner Create

Introducing new, intuitive tools for creating path and search statements in OCTOPUZ 3.0. With multiple path and search selection methods, along with real-time path previews, integrated automatic collision avoidance, and simple configuration options, creating statements in OCTOPUZ 3.0 is better than ever.

PathPlanner Modify

Sometimes, modifications to previously created path and search statements are needed. In OCTOPUZ 3.0, there is now a collection of modification tools to help.

PathPlanner Transform

In OCTOPUZ 3.0, there are three new transformation tools - Move, Copy, and Mirror. Using these tools, take your exact path or search statement and move it to a new location in your 3D environment, copy it to one or more new locations, or mirror it to one or more new locations.

Experience these and other great features today

This update is now available to download for all users with an active OCTOPUZ subscription

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