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OCTOPUZ Yaskawa Motoman Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting and OCTOPUZ – a powerful combination

If one robot can save your company time and money, just imagine what four can do! Tech-Con Automation, an automation solutions company in Burlington, Ontario, recently programmed and simulated a waterjet cutting cell using Yaskawa Motoman robots and OCTOPUZ, the offline robotic programming software developed by In-House Solutions.

Walinga Armed with OCTOPUZ to save money

Walinga saving time and money with OCTOPUZ

What happens when you combine a FANUC robot and OCTOPUZ offline programming software? For Guelph, Ont.-based Walinga Inc., it means productivity goes up and costs go down. This interview with Gregory Smuk, Industrial Technical Software Specialist at In-House Solutions, and James Medemblik, Manufacturing Technologist at Walinga explores how.

Dimic Steel Tech Cut Their Programming Time in Half With OCTOPUZ

How Dimic Steel Tech Cut Their Programming Time in Half

Dimic Steel Tech, a metal fabrication and machining service provider in Upland, California uses OCTOPUZ to program their robot, a KUKA KR 16 for MIG welding, from start to finish. Every part they have is programmed in OCTOPUZ so that it is easily placed on the robot and production can begin immediately.

OCTOPUZ-BeamMaster Welding with Robots

OCTOPUZ for welding gives companies an edge over competition

AGT Robotics, a leader in the development and manufacture of automated industrial equipment, recently demonstrated the use of OCTOPUZ with their BeamMaster Weld, a robotic welding line designed for structural steel fabricators.

Norjen Technologies - Armed with OCTOPUZ

Norjen Technologies arms itself with OCTOPUZ

In-House Solutions is pleased to announce that Norjen Technologies, a leader in industrial robotics, has signed on as a Preferred Integrator for its OCTOPUZ software. An expert in the field of interfacing specialized robots in manufacturing, Norjen is a welcome addition to the In-House Solutions network of professionals.

Tech-Con Automation Wins BIG with OCTOPUZ Robotic OLP Software

Tech-Con Automation wins big with OCTOPUZ

In-House Solutions is pleased to announce that Tech-Con Automation has successfully added OCTOPUZ solutions to their sales and waterjet teams systems and is attributing the company’s most recent equipment sale to date to the robot programming and simulation software.

OTC Daihen robots and positioners

OCTOPUZ collaborates with OTC Daihen

OCTOPUZ broke ground Monday, July 28th, on-site at OTC Daihen in Ohio, USA, with successful code integration between OTC Daihen robots and OCTOPUZ software. Integration was tested using a Daihen OTC FDB4 robot. This is yet another OEM robot brand now supported with this powerful software tool.

ABB Plasma Cutting Parmerit

Plasma cutting using OCTOPUZ and an ABB Robot

Parmerit Inc., an equipment integration specialist, was looking for a custom robotic plasma cutting solution for their own production needs, with the intent on developing a product they could provide to their clients. They chose OCTOPUZ.

OCTOPUZ Worker Automation Welding Video Feature Graphic

Invest in OCTOPUZ for safer, more cost-effective welding

Worker Automation, an OTC welding integrator in Covington, Ohio, put OCTOPUZ to the test when they programmed and simulated a MIG welding operation using an OTC B4 robot on a 2-axis rotary table.


Finding Success with OCTOPUZ: Control Panels USA

Control Panels USA, a manufacturer of control panels and relay back assemblies for clients in a wide range of industries out of Austin, Texas has found great success by using OCTOPUZ software. Having tried other offline programming softwares in the past, they had experienced some time savings. However, since using OCTOPUZ they have seen an additional 50% reduction in programming time in just six months. 

They chose to be #ArmedWithOCTOPUZ, and you can too.

New Age Robotics OCTOPUZ Feature

Where Manufacturing and Art Meet

We had the chance to visit one of our customers, New Age Robotics, to see some of the sculpting work they’re doing with OCTOPUZ. Operating at the intersection of manufacturing and art, they’re creating some great sculptures with offline programming.


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