Run Accurate Simulations with OCTOPUZ

  • Simulation Rendering - Staubli Arm


  • Replicate and test complex mechanical systems
  • Control the simulation using an actual PLC or OPC logic simulation
  • Optimize part-handling operations
  • Analyze component usage to easily find bottlenecks before the cell is ever built
  • Visualize the shop floor process from start to finish
  • Setup I/O communication between components

Eliminate Errors

Detect and eliminate errors with complete confidence. The program verification component ensures that any collisions, singularities, joint limits, and reach limits are checked before posting.


Intuitive Interface

Fully capable of satisfying both highly experienced professionals and those new to the trade, OCTOPUZ’s ‘drag, drop, and snap’ feature, among others, provides optimized functionality and usability. OCTOPUZ’s ability to support multiple robot brands enables all users to be more efficient in terms of learning, programming, synchronizing, and simulating.


Highly Efficient

In contrast to manual programming, OCTOPUZ dramatically reduces programming times. The simple simulation building component, among other features, enables greater efficiency and improved productivity.


The Economical Solution

Offering reliable and accurate simulations, OCTOPUZ’s simulation platform helps keep costs low by giving you absolute confidence in the error-free programs it outputs. Combined with the little time it takes to actually assemble a simulation, OCTOPUZ is sure to bring about cost savings for all robotic simulations.

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Shop Floor Layout • Multiple Robots • Component Communication


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