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Are you looking for the perfect robotic programming software for your application? OCTOPUZ is the solution for you.

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Our Objective

The ultimate objective of OCTOPUZ Inc. is to master the interoperability between software, industrial robots, end-of-arm-tooling, and robot cell machinery with the intention of applying this higher-level capability to the demanding requirements of various manufacturing applications.

OCTOPUZ specializes in the design, development, implementation, and customization of superior Offline Programming (OLP) software for industrial robotic applications, doing so with extensive knowledge acquired from all around the world. We put a strong focus on partnering and working with suppliers worldwide, collaborating to combine and enhance our technologies to provide highly integrated solutions for any and all manufacturing needs.

Our Process: Integrating Software with Robots and Machinery

At OCTOPUZ Inc. we are passionate about software development. We use the latest software development tools, work with the latest robot technology and machinery, and always employ the industry’s best practices in developing our software. This has culminated in a robust simulation feature that lets you build a robot cell on your computer screen comprised of machinery and manufacturing components in just minutes, including built-in machine logic and a streamlined process for the programmer. The visualization is so realistic that many OCTOPUZ end users create automated processes in the software that virtually validate their automation concepts before purchasing or moving any machinery or equipment. Some customers take it a step further and make a 3D PDF of the robot cell and/or automated manufacturing process and use it as a sales tool. OCTOPUZ software operates just like you would expect it to, quickly and easily creating optimized paths for robots performing process-specific tasks. It also includes the ability to import from any CAD/CAM software into the user-friendly OCTOPUZ software that makes programming as streamlined as possible without sacrificing functionality.

Our Applications

OCTOPUZ is optimized for various manufacturing applications such as welding (arc, spot, etc.), waterjet, plasma, and laser cutting, trimming, deburring, polishing, milling, machine tending, sanding, grinding, laser cladding, dispensing, inspection, painting, and robotic cell/process line simulations, in addition to custom applications that are requested by our customers. Customers with software development expertise can also do their own OCTOPUZ customization using its open API capabilities, thereby creating their own proprietary software solution.

Our Team

We are technology enablers. We are experienced. We are talented and innovative. We work well with others. We solve technology problems and pursue improvements. We are a great partner and a great company to work with. We respect and understand software. We respect and understand manufacturing. We respect and understand robots. We are focused and we are specialized.

Our experience includes 15 years of working with OLP software for robots and manufacturing, and 32 years of working with OLP software for CNC machines and manufacturing.

At OCTOPUZ our team comes from various backgrounds and includes Applications Engineers, Software Developers, Manufacturing Engineers, and Technical Business Specialists. Our people are carefully selected from a large talent pool found in the Waterloo, Ontario region. The team is made up of seasoned leadership, PhDs , Engineering graduates (Mechanical, Mechatronics, Computer, etc.), and business majors. It is the skills, knowledge, and experience of our people that drive OCTOPUZ Inc. forward.

Our Partners

Our partners include innovative robot manufacturers, robot integrators, OLP robot software resellers, and educational institutions including colleges, universities, and high schools worldwide. We also partner with manufacturers who are OCTOPUZ end users, working together to refine software features and processes. You can view our full network of partners here.

OCTOPUZ Inc. is an active member of Communitech, a twenty-year-old organization whose mission is to help technology companies in the Waterloo region start, grow, and succeed. We are also an active Silver Level member of the Robotic Industries Association, acting as a contributing member of the most active online robotics community.

Partners worldwide to serve you

Our Customers

The OCTOPUZ customer base includes many Fortune 500 companies as well as Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) worldwide, including specialized robot integrators. Our customers manufacture products covering the full spectrum of potential applications, and we enable them to quickly and efficiently complete their projects, achieving high-quality results in a timely manner. Their praise, encouragement, and feedback constantly motivate us to strive for perfection.

Our Facilities

OCTOPUZ Inc.’s Head Office is located in Waterloo (Ontario, Canada) which is considered to be second only to Silicon Valley in terms of the number of tech-focused startup companies it houses. Internationally, OCTOPUZ also has corporate offices in Germany and the USA, allowing us to support our extensive and growing worldwide network of resellers, OEMs, partners, and customers.

Our Support Desk

OCTOPUZ Inc. and its worldwide network of resellers and partners provide a complete array of services including high-level implementation and support. Experienced and field-savvy applications engineers quickly help OCTOPUZ end users to continue moving forward to get the job done. The success of our customers is the top priority for our team.

Many methods of service and support communications exist for the OCTOPUZ end user such as site visits, video meetings, emailing, community forums, and more. We have also found that service and support communications often evolve into more impactful discussions beyond the initial concern, frequently resulting in customized software development that provides new competitive advantages.

Exterior of the OCTOPUZ Office

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