WEBINAR: OCTOPUZ Robotic Software – An overview

On October 9th, 2014, we discovered how this intelligent robot software can help your business.

  • Are you looking for an offline robot programming solution?
  • Do you have multiple robots you need to program and simulate?
  • Would you like to learn more about OCTOPUZ?

This webinar highlights the path-sensitive power of OCTOPUZ. In less than one hour you will learn how OCTOPUZ is the solution to your Material Handling, Welding, Trimming, Deburring and Spraying needs.


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OTC Daihen robots and positioners

OCTOPUZ collaborates with OTC Daihen

OCTOPUZ broke ground Monday, July 28th, on-site at OTC Daihen in Ohio, USA, with successful code integration between OTC Daihen robots and OCTOPUZ software. Integration was tested using a Daihen OTC FDB4 robot. This is yet another OEM robot brand now supported with this powerful software tool.

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OCTOPUZ Robotics at Automatica 2014 Germany

Automatica 2014

In June, OCTOPUZ attended Automatica 2014 in Munich, Germany; a show dedicated to all things related to industrial automation.  The focus of the show was collaborative robotics; robots working alongside human workers.  We saw robots sensitive to human touch, responding to contact at any point along the arm, allowing robots to collaborate with humans to perform […]

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Milling an OCTOPUZ with a KUKA

New features and functions are always being added to OCTOPUZ, our intelligent CAD-to-Path and offline robot programming solution. We continually challenge ourselves to find exciting ways to test our product, and what better way than to mill an actual Octopus model to prove that OCTOPUZ is robust, fast and simple to use.

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