Material Removal

Material Removal with OCTOPUZ

  • Material Removal Rendering - Staubli Arm


  • Configure multiple angle settings
  • Set constant steps across surface
  • Create remote tool center points for carrying parts to stationary tooling
  • Utilize high-speed toolpaths to increase accuracy and speed
  • Integrate roughing and finishing operations
  • Simulate the full process including changing tooling or entire heads
  • Easily generate complex drilling paths
  • NC Import and Tool Manager

Greater Efficiency

The traditional days of manual programming are over. The ability of OCTOPUZ to simulate and program machining applications is a streamlined approach that enables faster programming and greater efficiency, leaving you with maximized productivity.


Greater ROI

Robots can be a sizeable investment, but their optimal return can only be achieved when used with offline programming software. OCTOPUZ allows you to program and simulate all material removal applications without any downtime, leading to higher productivity and greater long-term savings.


Confidence in Your Program

Error avoidance has never been more effective. OCTOPUZ’s program verification capabilities allow you to proactively identify, modify, and eliminate all potential collisions, singularities, joint limits, and reach limits before posting.


Faster Learning Curve

This simple-to-use software is the perfect choice for both highly experienced professionals, as well as those with limited knowledge. With the ability to easily program paths using your favorite CAM system, OCTOPUZ provides greater versatility and ease-of-use for machining applications.

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2D Machining • 3D Multi-surface Machining • Remote Tool Center Point • Simulated Tool/Head Changes




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