Edge Following

Edge Following with OCTOPUZ

  • Edge Following Rendering - Staubli Arm


  • Tilt all positions forward, backward or sideways.
  • Increase or decrease the number of path positions or spacing points.
  • Compensate for tool width.
  • Control cutting depths or stand offs for end of arm tooling.
  • Automatically chain edges for entire length of toolpath.
  • Quickly modify tool orientation for entire path to avoid errors.
  • NC Import and Tool Manager.

Error-Free Programming

With OCTOPUZ’s built-in simulation software, you can proactively detect and eliminate potential errors with greater confidence. The ability to build, visualize, and simulate your process ensures that your program is error-free, with all collision, singularities, joint limits, and reach limits checked before posting.


Greater Cost Savings

Programming with OCTOPUZ means you’ll never have to lose money due to robot downtime, simply because there won’t be any. Our offline programming allows you to create and simulate any edge following applications without any decrease in productivity.


Complex Made Simple

This versatile and powerful software is perfect for those highly experienced professionals as well as those new to the field of robotics. An intuitive interface with responsive edge selection and organized cutting parameters makes programming easy and caters to more efficient, comprehensive training.


Reduced Programming Times

Forget the inefficient methods of programming manually. OCTOPUZ is intelligent robot programming software that will deliver faster programming times for your Edge Following applications, while minimizing downtime.

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