Additive Manufacturing with OCTOPUZ

  • Additive Rendering - Staubli Arm


  • Refine the spray pattern to maintain nozzle distance from the part.
  • Simulate and analyze material thickness and quality during simulation.
  • Detect overspray and underspray within simulation mode.
  • Capable of visibly adding material during the simulation process.

Verified Programs

Eliminate errors with OCTOPUZ. The powerful program verification capabilities allow users to build, simulate, and output programs with greater confidence as it ensures that any collisions, singularities, joint limits, and reach limits are checked before posting.


Effortless Usability

OCTOPUZ’s user-friendly interface fully supports both experienced professionals and those new to the automation industry. Learning to program and apply additive applications is simple. The ability to accomplish more has never been easier.


Increased Productivity

The outdated approach of time-consuming manual programming is ending. OCTOPUZ can program all of your additive jobs offline both faster and more effectively than traditional methods with minimal robot downtime, keeping your productivity as high as possible.


Greater Profitability

OCTOPUZ allows you to program and simulate all of your additive applications without stopping any of the current processes your robots are running. This way, you’ll be able to achieve optimal levels of productivity resulting in the most cost-effective solution.

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