OCTOPUZ Featured On Robogeek.Ru

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OCTOPUZ Featured On Robogeek.Ru

OCTOPUZ is growing our reach internationally. Recently, our value-added reseller, Pride Automatics, located in the Russian Federation was interviewed by a Russian website called Robogeek.Ru.  This website is an information and analytical resource on the market of robotics in Russia and the world. It was launched in July 2014.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

The software environment OCTOPUZ is created to solve these problems and to ensure the financial efficiency of robotic welding for small batches of parts and unique large structures. Developed with the participation of experts in welding, OCTOPUZ quickly creates fully functional programs for robots with protection from collisions. Technologically correctly created burner paths, approaches to corners, “touching”, arc control over the arc length, multi-pass welding, collision and singularity monitoring – all these functions we program completely offline. As a result, the stoppage time for the set-up is only about 10 percent of the stop time for traditional programming.


Программная среда Octopuz создана, чтобы решить эти проблемы и обеспечить финансовую эффективность роботизированной сварки для малых партий деталей и уникальных крупных конструкций. Разработанное при участии экспертов в сварке, Octopuz быстро создает полностью функциональные программы для роботов с защитой от коллизий. Технологически правильно созданные пути горелки, заходы в углы, «поиск касанием», контроль шва по длине дуги, многопроходная сварка, контроль столкновений и сингулярности – все эти функции мы программируем полностью оффлайн. В результате время остановки комплекса для переналадки составляет всего около 10 процентов от времени остановки при традиционном программировании.

If you are interested in reading more from this article, it is available here.


About Pride Automatics

Located in Penza, Russia, Pride Automatics is a young, growing company servicing the welding industry, and is a KUKA Integrator and cooperate with Kawasaki Robotics. They have begun creating and offering their own turn-key solutions to their customers in a growing market of industrial robots in the Russian Federation.

Visit their website here.


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