OCTOPUZ is positioned to maintain growth

Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun - OCTOPUZ JIMTOF Article
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OCTOPUZ is positioned to maintain growth

*Article originally published in Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun

Edward House, the Chairman of OCTOPUZ Inc. in Ontario, Canada, told us of the strategic move of the OCTOPUZ office in 2016. Relationships were made and reinforced during his time in Japan at JIMTOF with Robot manufacturers, among others.

The software company OCTOPUZ Inc. was established by Edward House. Their Robotics OLP and Simulation control software product, OCTOPUZ, which is same name as the company name, is growing in popularity and attracting more OCTOPUZ users. They are situated in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada that is often described as only 2nd to Silicon Valley in ‘start-up high technology companies’. Here it is easy to attract talented software developers and engineers, which is critical to support OCTOPUZ Inc.’s rapid growth.

Edward House said

“We have just started. We will release two new OCTOPUZ software versions in 2017, and our next great step is to inform the world of this great product.”

OCTOPUZ is the intelligent offline robot programming and simulation software ideal for any path-sensitive application. The company took a revolutionary approach by combining the offline programming of robots with a manufacturing process simulation, optimizing it for any and all robotic applications. Today, OCTOPUZ provides a mainstream, versatile, powerful and effective solution for any robotic challenge with a network of resellers and partners around the globe.

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