Neramit Vast Now an Official Reseller of OCTOPUZ in Thailand

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  Jimmy Long   Jan 13, 2017   Blog, News, Partnership   0 Comment

OCTOPUZ is pleased to announce that Neramit Vast Co., Ltd. has signed on to become an official reseller of OCTOPUZ software in Thailand.

Located in Bangkok, Neramit Vast employs a team of experienced industrial engineers in providing high-quality solutions to the Thai automotive, aerospace, electronics, and food industries. While they were founded with a focus on CAD/CAM and DNC consulting and software, they have recently branched out to include robotic software in their lineup as a response to the emerging demand in Thai manufacturing.

Niravan Klongjanda, CEO of Neramit Vast, spoke to us about the evolving changes currently underway in Thai manufacturing.

“To improve the standard of technology and production performance, we’re promoting research and development as me move towards Industry 4.0. While the push for robotic automation has traditionally come from the industrial sector, there is now growing demand from the service sector, leading to the overall demand for robots quickly increasing. A combined push has emerged in new sectors wanting to integrate robots, and industries that are already employing robots are looking for ways to optimize their processes.”

“Robots play a key role in modern manufacturing by allowing the manufacturer to set competitive prices and by reducing production and setup times. We’re confident that OCTOPUZ is a good opportunity for businesses with its ease of use, multi-brand support, and proven record of success.”

Niravan indicated that Neramit Vast was looking forward to employing OCTOPUZ across the entire range of industries it focuses on in applications such as material handling, welding, assembly, disassembly, and painting.

OCTOPUZ combines the offline programming of robots with manufacturing process simulation, providing mainstream, powerful, and effective solutions. It is fully customizable and can cut down on path generation time by 50% or more, allowing users to program and simulate multiple robots simultaneously across a wide range of applications.

To learn more about OCTOPUZ or to request a free personalized demo for your application, send an email to or get in touch with your nearest reseller.

About Neramit Vast Co., Ltd.
Founded in January of 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand, Neramit Vast Co.,Ltd. ( was originally established to provide CAD/CAM consulting and outsourcing solutions to the Thai manufacturing industry. 2014 was a time of exciting change occurring at a rapid pace. As a start-up company, Neramit Vast quickly became recognized as experts in CAD/CAM and DNC Solutions.
In 2016, Neramit Vast discovered an opportunity to provide more value to their clients and pivoted to meet that demand. While managing the IT interests of several Thai CNC-based manufacturers, they gained initial experience with real-time machine data collection system (MDC) and began to provide custom integration for clients including implementation services.

OCTOPUZ (( is intelligent offline robot programming and simulation software ideal for any path-sensitive application. Created by In-House Solutions, the company took a revolutionary approach by combining the offline programming of robots with a manufacturing process simulation. Today, OCTOPUZ provides a mainstream, versatile, powerful and effective solution for any robotic challenge.

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