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MAC Formula Electric
  Tracy Bithell   Nov 28, 2016   Image   0 Comment

MAC Formula Electric is a student-run organization that represents McMaster University at Formula Student. The team of 90+ is led by Jackson Diebel, a former co-op student of In-House Solutions. The team is designing and building a single-seat, open-wheeled race car to compete in the Formula Student and Formula SAE international engineering competitions. Their goal is to compete on the world stage, so they are designing their car specifically to European Rules, with their ultimate goal to put a North American team in the top 10 of the world rankings (currently there are only European teams).

Previous generations designed and built their cars with combustion engines, which later evolved to hybrid powertrains. MAC Formula Electric is building the first fully electric powertrain car, leveraging the development done in previous generations, like the chassis, and combining it with new designs. This mix provides them with the best chance to have a high-performing, yet reliable car from the start line.

MAC Formula Electric relies on sponsors who donate funds, in-kind donations or discounts on products. They currently have a crowdfunding campaign live on Indigogo, where GM Canada has partnered with them to provide prizes and will match every dollar raised up to their goal of $10,000. OCTOPUZ is proud to be an official sponsor of MAC Formula Electric, and wish Jackson and his team continued success on their journey to race in Europe!

You can help MAC Formula Electric turn their designs into reality!

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