Norjen Technologies arms itself with OCTOPUZ

Norjen Technologies - Armed with OCTOPUZ
  Tracy Bithell   Feb 12, 2015   Case Study, Image, News   0 Comment

In-House Solutions is pleased to announce that Norjen Technologies, a leader in industrial robotics, has signed on as a Preferred Integrator for its OCTOPUZ software. An expert in the field of interfacing specialized robots in manufacturing, Norjen is a welcome addition to the In-House Solutions network of professionals.

Norjen Technologies, based in Manitoba, Canada, was founded in 1978 to help improve production and reduce input costs by implementing automation in manufacturing-based companies. Today, businesses aiming to improve work environments and increase workplace safety turn to Norjen for advice in robotics selection, installation, training and programming. OCTOPUZ by In-House Solutions will allow Norjen to offer even more to their clients through the use of real world simulations and offline programming for simple to complex jobs.

OCTOPUZ combines the offline programming of robots with manufacturing process simulation, providing mainstream, powerful and effective solutions not available in other robotics software packages. OCTOPUZ integrates CAD/CAM technologies for CAD-to-Path and Simulation/Visualization technologies across a wide range of applications.

“We work closely with our clients to determine their needs and understand their manufacturing processes,” said John E. Kaye P.Eng., President of Norjen “OCTOPUZ will allow us to show our clients how we can provide the best in automation solutions using simulation-based software. For the customers who require in-house programming to suit their production needs, we are excited to link OCTOPUZ to the proposed robotic solution to give our customers the best turn-key solution available.”

Norjen offers expertise across several manufacturing applications, including welding, material handling, quality control, machine vision and high pressure water cutting. Over 40 years of engineering experience and extensive knowledge in electronic controls allows Norjen to provide their clients with safe, competitive and efficient options for automation, with an emphasis on robotics, control design and industrial machine safety and safeguarding.

“It’s no secret that as industry grows, it will be increasingly difficult to find skilled workers to meet the demands of expanding manufacturing companies. These demands are even higher in central Canada and remote locations so it’s much more important for growing companies to automate processes leaning on proven integrators,” said Gregory Smuk, Sr. Technical Sales Specialist, In-House Solutions Inc. “When looking for industry partners we strive to find teams who are solution-based just like us and the group at Norjen is an excellent example of this. We look forward to our partnership with Norjen Technologies and together we will continue to meet the changing needs of the robotics automation market.”


About Norjen

Norjen Technologies LogoFounded in 1978, Norjen Technologies helps manufacturing companies improve production and reduce input costs through the implementation of automation. The Manitoba-based leader in industrial robotics has evolved through many stages of custom electronic design and software, and currently focuses on interfacing specialized robots in manufacturing. Norjen’s experts continually explore new advanced techniques and equipment in order to help develop tools that shorten production time and increase efficiencies in manufacturing.

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