Plasma cutting using OCTOPUZ and an ABB Robot

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Parmerit developed and built a custom robotic plasma cutting solution for Wolfe, using OCTOPUZ.

Parmerit Inc., an equipment integration specialist, was looking for a custom robotic plasma cutting solution for their own production needs, with the intent on developing a product they could provide to their clients. Proving out an automation concept for their own production allows Parmerit to work out any process improvement or usability in the real world.  However, before the parts hit the floor, Parmerit wanted to ensure they could simulate their process offline, as well as generate programs without interrupting the production of the machine.  They chose an ABB robot to position a Thermal Dynamics plasma cutting head and evaluated Offline Programming software. The software had to interact with the equipment, but also had to be flexible to support any engineering changes or new automation systems in the future. Parmerit chose OCTOPUZ Offline Programming and Simulation to provide a graphical programming platform with an open environment for customization and control.

ABB Plasma Cutting

Some of the challenges in programming 6-axis robotic plasma systems are collisions while cutting and movement around parts, fixtures and safety equipment. OCTOPUZ allows the programmer to view collisions and quickly create clearance positions for the robot to move between cuts. Another challenge is changing configurations of the robot – as in this case an upside down robot working directly under itself has many redundant positions for its joints. OCTOPUZ can quickly change the configuration of paths and tool frame orientations, all within the simulation environment; the programmer can make a decision based on how they view the robot position and set cutting positions to use a safe orientation.  Interaction with the robot and other moving equipment such as loading tables, and clamping fixtures can be developed and viewed.

OCTOPUZ engineering staff provided pre-sale and implementation support to improve positioning accuracy challenges and help Parmerit integrate their plasma controller commands with the offline post processing.

The plasma cutting cell is a developing project and the open API of OCTOPUZ means any implementations of new equipment, processes or procedures can be adopted within the simulation and programming environment. New interaction with the robot code can be manipulated in Python, a standard programming language with resources in OCTOPUZ and online.

“Thanks to all of your staff. The guys are telling me that Tyler has been great. We cannot be more happy with our decision to move to the OCTOPUZ software and In-House Solutions.” Said Rene Van Bommel, General Manager at Parmerit.


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